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VIDEO: 5 of Simon Dawkins' best MLS goals

Aston Villa's newest signing scored some pretty excellent goals in his two seasons with the San Jose Earthquakes. Here are five of the best.

Thearon W. Henderson

Unless you follow MLS or watched a lot of Leyton Orient four years ago, it's likely that you haven't seen much of Aston Villa's newest signing Simon Dawkins. Luckily, MLS is pretty good at this whole new media thing, so instead of a bunch of grainy, terribly edited YouTube videos set to horrible dance music and made un-watchable thanks to cheesy video effects you can watch high-quality video highlights from every league game. And seeing as how Dawkins played in over 50 of them, that means there's plenty of footage of the new Villa winger.

You could head over to and trawl through search results, trying to determine whether a link points to a video highlight or a match recap. Or, you could just watch the five videos below and get a sense of what the newest member of Villa's squad is capable. (You could also watch the videos, then do the first thing. I'm not here to tell you what to do with your time.)