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Police advice forces move of Aston Villa-West Brom match

Thanks to the dirty Bluenoses, Villa have to move their match against West Bromwich Albion.

Michael Regan

Aston Villa will have to wait an extra day to try and defeat the Baggies, as their second match of the season has been moved due to police advice. The match, which was originally scheduled for Tuesday, January 28, will now kick-off at 7:45 PM (local time) on Wednesday, January 29. Apparently some scrub team named... let me look this up here... Birmingham City (does that sound right? Never heard of 'em) will be playing against Leicester City on the 28th, and the police were worried about potential crowd issues with three west midlands teams playing so near one another.

The impact shouldn't be significant, unless you're busy on Wednesdays and not on Tuesdays. The upside is that they'll have an extra day to rest after either the January 18th trip to Liverpool or (hopefully) an FA Cup Fourth Round match on the weekend of the 25th. The downside is that they'll have one fewer day to rest before a February 1 trip to Goodison park to face Everton.

Heck, I don't expect Villa to win at Goodison, so I'm happy to see them have an extra day before the derby. It'd be nice to actually win one rather than consistently drawing.