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Kickin' It: Liverpool in trouble, and children are vile

Your football news and links for Wednesday, December 4, 2013.

Michael Regan

A quick reminder that we've got a full slate of EPL matches today. So if you're in the states, plan on a long lunch with a pint or two.

Liverpool ought to be worried | StatsBomb

A look at some of the fundamental numbers reveals that Liverpool should be worried about their position in the league. But, then again, looking at things has never been the strong suit of Liverpool supporters. They see their club paying Luis Suarez every weekend and still support them, so you know.

Children are our future and the future is grim | Dirty Tackle

"Juventus were fined after their (very, very young) supporters repeatedly aimed an insulting chant at a player from the opposing team." That right there is the best thing I've read in a while. Funnier still is the fact that those children were sitting where the Ultras normally sit. The downside of the linked story is that little kids are being used as mules for flares and the likes at EPL games. But let's just focus on the abusive little-ones. That's funnier.

Real Madrid moving to ouster Ultras Sur | Managing Madrid

Real Madrid are looking to ban the Ultras Sur from the Bernabéu, and Managing Madrid looks at how that might be a good thing. Really, I think any time you can get rid of Nazi-supporters it's a good thing. I realize I may be a bit flippant about this, but there's pretty much no room for support of Nazism anywhere in this world. Even if any other part of your message is worthwhile, the whole Nazi thing sort of invalidates it for me.

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