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Weekend Betting: Anytime Goal Scorer

Making some bets on the footy this weekend? Why not go along with our tip of picking an Anytime Goal Scorer (AGS)? Here are the picks from our staff.

usually, we end up with this much money
usually, we end up with this much money
Richard Heathcote

It's been a while since we've had any action in the betting, so why not bring it back this weekend? The tip that we will be following this time will be Anytime Goal Scorer, or AGS for short. It's a pretty simple tip, just pick a player who you think will score a goal at any time during the match and you win. It is easier to predict than First Goal Scorer, and therefore the returns are lower. Also, the bet is off if the player doesn't play. Obviously this is somewhat of a shot in the dark, but I think maybe it will pay off by picking two people who may actually have a threat to score a goal and one defender who will have much steeper odds but is worth a punt on. Note: this bet is not an accumulator, but you could theoretically combine Anytime Goal Scorers on the same ticket in order to try to get a higher return.

Jack: 26.76€ available

2€ on Loïc Remy 15/8 Newcastle vs Southampton

2€ on Adem Ljajic 12/5 AC Milan vs Roma

1€ on Kolo Toure 20/1 Liverpool vs Tottenham

Outlay: 5€

Potential Return: 32.55€

Aaron: 19.98€ available

3€ on Fredy Montero 21/20 Sporting Lisbon vs Belenenses

1€ on Jeremy Menez 3/2 PSG vs Stade Rennes

1€ on Jurgen Locadia 7/4 PSV vs FC Utrecht

Outlay: 5€

Potential Return: 11.55€

Robert: 10.62€ available

1€ on Christian Benteke Aston Villa vs Manchester United at 2/1: It's been so damn long, and he's due a goal at some point. Why not surprise us all by scoring against Manchester United?

1€ on Kyle Walker 11/1: Just because he would do this to infuriate me.

1€ on Javier Hernandez 13/8: Because he always seems to be a thorn in Aston Villa's side.

Outlay: 3€

Potential return: 16.63€

Kirsten 13.46 available

1€ on Nicola Sansone Parma vs Cagliari at 12/5

1€ on Sergio Agüero Manchester City vs Arsenal at 20/21

1€ on Max Kruse Borussia Monchengladbach vs Mainz at 15/8

Outlay: 3€

Potential Return: 8.22€

Who have you chosen to bet on this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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