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Kickin' It: Match-Fixing, Moyes, and Sin-Bins

Some of the internet's best football related links all in one place for Tuesday, December 10th.

Paul Gilham

DJ Campbell Arrested in Connection with Match-Fixing | Who Ate all the Pies

Former Villa youth team and Birmingham City player DJ Campbell was arrested in connection for a questionable yellow card he received against Ipswich on December 3rd while playing for current club Blackburn. It's never good to see these things, but goes on a lot more in the lower leagues than people may think.

Manchester United Chief Ed Woodward Calls for "A" Side | FourFourTwo / Back of the Net

Before you comment, realize this is the parody series done by FFT. Anyways, it brings up some humorous points, and also makes you think if some Premier League sides should introduce a B side, like many teams have across Europe most notably Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Platini wants 10 Minute "Sin-Bin" for Yellow Cards | BBC Sport

For those of you unfamiliar with rugby, when you are punished with a yellow card you must leave the field for 10 minutes, similar to penalties in ice hockey. Platini is in favor of this system. Putting this system into place would make players really think twice before committing offences punishable by yellow cards.

Since Aston Villa host Manchester United this week, I thought this site was funny. It really will be a must win for the Red Devils, and if they lose to Villa on Sunday this site may be worth re-visiting next week.

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