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Champions League news, Arsenal's false impressions, and highlights gone wrong - Kickin' It

Your football news and links for Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

Chris Brunskill

If you do nothing else, click on the second link. Probably the best goal you'll see all day.

Tuesday Champions League wrap-up | SB Nation Soccer

If you missed any of Tuesday's Champion's League stories, don't worry: SB Nation has you covered. I think my favorite storyline is the fact that Manchester City - one of the most confusing good teams in England - are the first team from the country to qualify for the knockout rounds. By the transitive property, I think this means Aston Villa would be in the knockout rounds.

Midfielder scores from halfway line | Dirty Tackle

Right size. Right shape. Wrong direction. What's really sad to me is the fact that if this goal had gone in the opposition's net, it'd be one that would be talked about for years. Just absolutely beautiful flight on it.

Arsenal may not be as good as the table suggests | StatsBomb

Yet another really good article from StatsBomb, this time examining Arsenal's shots to see if perhaps they've done a bit better in results than their play would suggest they should have. The quick answer is: they're good, they're just not this good.

Martin Jol's tactical problem | Cottagers Confidential

Fulham are an absolute mess right now, and this is a pretty good look at why Martin Jol isn't helping even a little bit.

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