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All In Or Ailing: Some epic fails lead to monetary losses

With a few "sure things" failing to get the win this weekend, some potential large returns slipped out of our writers' fingers.

yeah thanks dude.
yeah thanks dude.
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Despite thinking we'd played it fairly safe this weekend, no one made a ton of cash -- the biggest return was €10. Read on to discover which sides pierced our coupons...

Curious about the original bets? Check 'em out here.

Bet: €7
Return: €9
Total Available: €23.77

Andrew thought he had a safe thing going, betting on Chelsea, Manchester United, and Hull City all to win. In fact, it was Hull that up'd the risk in this acca. Instead, Chelsea's 2-0 loss to Newcastle screwed him over -- like it did many round the world. But Andrew managed to make €2 this weekend by placing €5 on West Ham - Aston Villa to notch less than 2.5 goals. Yay for exceedingly boring matches?

Advice: Wagering on claret and blue teams to not put in many goals seems a safe bet. Unfortunately.

Bet: €7
Return: €10
Total Available: €31.76

Despite not feeling confident in his Friday night four-fold, that's where Jack made his money this week. Dortmund kicked Stuttgart's ass 6-1, Paris Saint-Germain thumped Lorient 4-0 despite a distinct lack of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Barcelona only managed one against Espanyol yet still came away winners in the derby, and Galatasaray beat Konyaspor 2-1.

But Jack's massive return (yes, anything over 50 is massive) on his Saturday super coupon didn't work out so well. Five of the away sides managed to pull off wins: United over Fulham, Real Madrid over Rayo Vallecano (although Real did their best to throw that one away), Bayern Munich over Hoffenheim, Juventus over Parma, CSKA over Volga Novgorod and Fenerbahce over Bursaspor. But Sochaux held St. Etienne to a draw, and Bayer Leverkusen somehow managed to lose to bottom side Braunschweig. Oh, and Porto drew with Belenenses. Who?

Advice: Stop asking "who?" about teams you bet against. Karma's a bitch, man.

Bet: €3
Return: €0
Total Available: €17.46

On Saturday, United beat Fulham, and West Ham - Villa and Hull City - Sunderland scored just one goal between them. But stupid, stupid Chelsea handed a win to Newcastle. Also, can we talk about how not one single Hull player managed to score a goal, despite Sunderland being down to nine men for the entire second half?

Also on Saturday, I had the possibility of earning €15 on an eight-fold. Six of those bets panned out, including Crystal Palace falling to West Bromwich Albion and Manchester City beating Norwich, along with a few others mentioned already. But that stupid Leverkusen loss, along with Celta Vigo beating Sevilla 1-0, killed this coupon.

Finally, my "Sunday" coupon included Arsenal and Liverpool failing to put in a bunch of goals, as well as Torino managing to get a point on AS Roma (although that failure is worth it to see Roma slip). But, hey, Malaga won!

Advice: Don't bet on Chelsea, if only to keep the boss of /soccer from handing you a pink slip. Cursed woman. Oh, and learn which matches go on which coupon.

Bet: €3
Return: €0
Total Available: €12.32

Robert wins the week for having his bet go up in flames in the most hysterical way possible. He was nervous about picking Hull to win, but they did. Manchester City smashed Norwich. Even West Brom managed to score while not allowing Palace to do the same, doing Robert a favor for once. But this bet was screwed just 12 seconds after the Saturday afternoon matches kicked off, when Asmir Begovic scored a goal for Stoke. True, Robert still could've won if Southampton hadn't scored, but we all knew that was never gonna happen.

Advice: Never mess with a Bosnian.