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Kickin' It: Defoe, Head Injuries, and Last Year's 6-1

Daily football links for Wednesday, November 27. Links from all over the web, some Villa related, some not.

Michael Regan

Defoe to join Toronto FC in January | NBC Sports

Now take this transfer rumor with a grain of salt, as it was originally reported by The Mirror, but it seems like it could happen. And while the reported $9.7 million fee may seem a bit large for an aging striker, consider the fact that TFC made a profit of $4.5 million this past year.

Ajax fan hurt after falling from stands | FourFourTwo

During yesterday's Champions League match against FC Barcelona, an Ajax fan fell 10 meters while celebrating a goal. Some reports had said that the fan died, but he had been transferred to a hospital, according to Amsterdam Police.

Striker knocked out after being head-butted and punched simultaneously | Who Ate All the Pies

FC Seoul striker Mauricio Molina was knocked unconscious after being head-butted by the opposing center back while also getting punched in the face by the goalkeeper. Fortunately he was okay and was able to tweet that he was resting at home later on in the day.

Goals from last spring's 6-1 game against Sunderland |YouTube

Not too much Villa news today, so hopefully you will enjoy watching the goals again from last seasons thrashing of Sunderland as much as I did.

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