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Marry/Shag/Kill: An Introduction

It may not even be January yet, but it's already time to get a handle on which Aston Villa players we'd like to stay, and which we'd be willing to let go. Here's an introduction to the game we'll play on 7500.

Michael Regan

Everyone set to play a new game? We're using the time tested question of Marry/Shag/Kill -- often asked in pubs and bars after a few rounds -- to determine both which Aston Villa players should stay and which transfers we'd like to see happen. Now, usually this game is played with a choice of three candidates. One, you'll create a lifelong relationship with. One is good enough for a night, or at least for a short-term fling. The final choice is one you'd be willing to serve a jail sentence rather than spend any meaningful time with. And we might very well play the game that way with transfer targets.

But for players currently on the Villa, we'll play a different version:
Marry: We're willing to commit long term, no matter what it costs and how many sacrifices we have to make
Shag: Yeah, we like having that guy around but not at the cost of, say, Luke Young's wages
Kill: Our time with that dude is through and even a short contract extension is too long
Alan Hutton: a fate worse than killing

Oh -- and we want you to vote. And leave your reasoning in the comments. Can you handle that?

***a special thanks to Hot Time in Old Town, whose series we are shamelessly stealing***