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A little help, Villa fans?

An American Aston Villa fan is heading to Birmingham, and then to the match against West Brom. Can you help a girl out?

Chris Brunskill

My dear Aston Villa fans,

I am coming to Birmingham for the next round, and am lucky enough that I get to attend the derby against West Brom.

But the real reason behind my visit is that I'm doing an article on Villa fan culture. It's for an American audience -- you know, those people on the other side of the pond that are still getting used to soccer. I want to give the feel of an away trip for Villa fans, and capture what the match might be like for a typical supporter. I also want to chat about what the season's been like, whether you're pleased with Paul, and how you see the future for the Villa.

To do that, I need help from y'all. As evidenced from me using the word "y'all," I'm not native to the Midlands. I don't know what Villa fans will be doing prior to the game. I don't know how you guys get to the game. I don't know where you drink beforehand. I know nothing.

So drop me a line ( kdschlewitz at gmail dot com). Tell me how your Monday evening is going to go. Tell me where I should be and who I should see. Maybe we can talk Villa and I can talk you up in my article.

Cheers guys, and hoping to connect with some of you soon!