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Don't panic but...Brad Guzan is reportedly injured

The roster for the upcoming USMNT friendlies has been released, and Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan isn't included. What's going on?

Jim Rogash

Last night, the roster for the upcoming United States Mens National Team friendlies were announced. The USMNT is on its way to Glasgow to face Scotland before drawing swords against Austria. But it seems Brad Guzan won't be part of the squad assembling for these friendlies. Instead, Tim Howard, Sean Johnson and Bill Hamid were the goalkeepers named by Jurgen Klinsmann.

According to Twitter and some actually reputable news outlets, Guzan isn't on the list because he's picked up an injury. A vague injury. One that has yet to be confirmed or named by Aston Villa. Or articulated by any news sources.

In other words, Villa fans, don't start to panic just yet. For anyone not participating in Uefa's ridiculous World Cup playoff round, or part of Uruguay's trip to Jordan, this international break is absolute nonsense. In case you hadn't noticed, players are falling down left and right with hamstring pulls, swelling around the right knee, newborn babies to feed, and enlargement of the left sinus cavity. A broken tooth could get you out of this round of internationals.

Guzan is one of Villa's top players, and, after watching Jed Steer against Tottenham Hotspur, we all know that we don't want the number 1 keeper to be sitting in the stands due to a serious injury. So for now, let's hope that this is more of a precautionary measure than anything else.

Is that what you feel too, Villa fans? Or do you think whatever's up with Guzan is serious cause for concern?