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Kickin' It: Scaring the Spurs, Albrighton's loan, and a reminder

Your football news and links for November 1, 2013.

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Chris Brunskill

Welcome to November everyone! That's right, time is marching inexorably forward, quicker than you thought was possible and we are all slowly moving towards our certain doom. So let's entertain ourselves with football!

But before we get started, a quick reminder. England has already made the switch back to standard time, so for those of us in the United States, remember that this Saturday's kickoff is actually an hour later than we're normally used to (11 AM on the east coast and 8 AM on the west. You folks in the middle can figure this out), so get a bit of extra sleep and be sure to join us for our matchday open thread. And now onto the links!

Albrighton's loan will get him more playing time | Birmingham Mail

Alternative reading of this story: "This is the only way we can showcase Marc for a January move." Sorry, everyone.

Kyle Walker scares the bejeezus out of his teammates | Dirty Tackle

I'm not a big fan of Kyle Walker, but this amuses me far more than it probably should. Really, athletes pulling pranks on other athletes is a genre that should get more play than it does.

Villa v. West Ham stats | BetFair

Oh hey, I bet this would be useful for our weekly betting series. Unfortunately, I refuse to bet on Aston Villa.

Premier League projections | Cartilage Free Captain

The good news: even the worst-case scenario says Villa only have a 7% chance of relegation! The bad news: their odds of finishing in the top four are between 0% and .5%

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