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Kickin' It: Pep Guardiola is the most awkward person alive, Jose Mourinho is insane

Your football news and links for October 9th 2013.

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Hagen Hopkins

Tom Hanks reveals 'dream' to see Villa play in Birmingham | Birmingham Mail

I'm a big fan of Tom Hanks, and that was true before I knew he was a Villa fan. He's made some terrible movies-Forrest Gump is the absolute WORST-but he's been brilliant in so many others, across so many genres; the Money Pit, A League of Their Own, Philadelphia, Toy Story. The guy has earned the right to make a whole bunch of money off of the Da Vinci Code 4: The Secret of Van Gogh's Ear, is the point I'm trying to make. Like I said, big fan.

However, one would imagine that Tom Hanks is not in any position to be concerned about money. I mean, the original Da Vinci Code made three-quarters of a billion dollars! Hell, even the residuals from Bosom Buddies monthly DVD sales are probably more than I will ever make in my lifetime. So, if Tom Hanks really wants to see Villa in Birmingham, one would think such a thing would be in his power, no? I mean, I don't want to cast any doubt on the man's sincerity, because there's every reason to believe he's genuinely a fan of the club. I guess I'm just confused is all.

Juventus, Inter ultras urge discriminatory songs to force closure of all Serie A stadiums | Dirty Tackle

There are lots of bad things about football "supporter's culture" and Italy has, from time to time in recent years, been one of the more visible arenas in which said bad things have come to light. So, while it's nice to see the FIGC attempting to take some of the ugliness out of Italian football, maybe tongue-in-cheek barbs being traded between the most hardcore of club supporters isn't necessarily the biggest problem they need to tackle.

Jose Mourinho doesn't get nervous during matches because he can 'smell' when a goal will be scored | Telegraph

I think Jose Mourinho has kind of lost his mind between Chelsea spells.

Pep Guardiola Attends First Oktoberfest With Bayern Munich | Who Ate All The Pies

This photo gallery is, somehow, blessedly, a thing that exists. Oh my god.

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