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Ya wins some, ya loses some

Whose magical money pot grew this weekend? And which bets spectacularly tanked?

Stuart Franklin

The authors at 7500 to Holte just might be getting a little bit hooked on this betting thing -- perhaps it's the thrill of losing imaginary money? Anyway, we've got a "Betting 101" piece coming for other in-the-dark North Americans, and we're set to wager on internationals this week as well. Because, hey, what better way to make this break interesting than putting money on a bunch of matches in which only one side has any stake in the outcome?

As for this week, well, some did alright, whereas some were tripped up by the big sides stumbling against inferior opposition. If you're curious as to our full bets, click here. Read on for the results.

Weekly expenditures: €3
Weekly earnings: €6.16
Total available: €27.82

Picking Porto and Sporting to win, and Fredy Montero to score for Sporting, was such a low risk bet that Aaron couldn't even make €2 off it. He did, however, profit handsomely (€3.30!) by predicting a draw between Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers. Aaron's now up €7.82 over two rounds.

Weekly expenditures: €12
Weekly earnings: €6
Total available: €14

Andrew put €5 on Liverpool to win, thus earning himself a grand total of €6. Somehow, though, first-placed Rosenborg was held to a goalless draw by relegation-threatened Hønefoss -- something of a theme that you'll see carries throughout most of our bets.

Oh, and while Mainz 2-2 Hoffenheim was pretty high-scoring, Andrew should've placed his "highest scoring match in Bundesliga" bet on Schalke 4-1 Augsburg, or Nurberg 0-5 Hamburg.

Weekly expenditures: €6
Weekly earnings: €3.23
Total available: €11.23

"I really would like to get one right this week. I'm terrible at this." Congrats, Gareth, you correctly predicted Chelsea would beat Norwich! Favoring Stoke City over Fulham didn't pan out, however, and let's not talk about Hull City vs. Aston Villa.

Weekly expenditures: €3
Weekly earnings: €0
Total available: €32.84

Last week's big earner took home nothing this time around, despite placing three bets that looked relatively safe. Alas, Braunschweig beat Wolfsburg for their first win of the season, Bayer held Bayern to a draw, Fulham and Stoke didn't draw, West Ham United beat Tottenham Hotspur, and holy crap there were a lot of goals scored in Ligue 1 this weekend. That has nothing to do with Jack's earnings as his French picks actually panned out...too bad he lumped them in with the strange occurrences going on elsewhere in Europe.

Weekly expenditures: €2
Weekly earnings: €13.56
Total available: €30.56

Osasuna beat Malaga, Fulham beat Stoke and Gladbach beat Dortmund, so I wasn't exactly feeling confident about my betting skills, having got my first three-fold completely wrong. But the strangely "high" returns on a Hellas Verona victory over Bologna and a Getafe win over Real Betis (both who won easily) combined with Norwich losing to Chelsea means I won for the first time ever.

Monster? It's been created.

Weekly expenditures: €1
Weekly earnings: €0
Total available: €17

Oh man, Robert, so close! And by that I mean it's time to stop putting your money against West Bromwich Albion. Also, that inclusion of goals over 2.5 in Hull-Villa is looking mighty silly right about now. Hey, at least Bolton beat Birmingham City!

Perhaps next time an Eredivisie bet based on which name you like better?