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Images from Aston Villa's draw at Hull City

There weren't any notable highlights, so we'll go with motionless pictures for this week's recap.

As you can imagine, when two teams battle to a lifeless 0-0 draw, there really aren't that many highlights. Usually at this point in the week we bring you a collection of gifs from the weekend's match, but there was literally nothing that caught my eye and said "you should gif this" in the Aston Villa vs. Hull City affair.

Well, that's not strictly true. After the match, I thought perhaps I should find something to give everyone. A gif that represented what watching the match was like for those of us at home watching it. So without further ado, I present you "Hull v. Villa: The Gif"


Peaceful, isn't it?

Well, in it's place I've gathered a bunch of pictures for you. Chances are you've already looked at them, but they're up above. Aaron pointed out in an email thread that Hull City has the best pictures from which we can choose, and he's right. Their fans are particularly photogenic, and after looking at pictures of them for a while, I find myself quietly rooting for the club and hoping that they can keep up their form and stay up this year.

They just seem so likable.