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Kickin' It: Former Villa Managers And Crystal Palace

The managerial merry-go-round continues to spin in South London and Villa fans have to hope that they don't land on any familiar faces.

Jamie McDonald

According to a person on twitter who may or may not be reliable, Martin O'Neill has been offered the Crystal Palace managerial position. He has allegedly turned it down, because Martin O'Neill will turn down a job if it doesn't fit his exacting specifications. He was alleged to have turned down the job at West Ham United a couple years ago because the media happened to notice that he was going to get it, and he also allegedly rejected Southampton before that because they had the audacity to interview other candidates for the position. It's hard to imagine how a manager can afford to be so picky after doing what Martin O'Neill did at Sunderland, but I also don't particularly mind O'Neill's continued absence from the Premier League. Speaking of managers I'd prefer to keep as far away from the Premier League as possible....

Crystal Palace: Alex McLeish interested as odds on Chris Coleman slashed | The Guardian

If Crystal Palace hire Alex McLeish, they deserve to get double relegated. Go right to League One, do not pass Go, do not collect your parachute payments. No one should ever have to watch a game of football that has been influenced in any way by Alex McLeish. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Hats (and clothes) off to Norway's Klopp | ESPN FC

Shout out to 7500 to Holte's official Norway correspondent. Also, who among us can't identify with celebrating so hard you end up in your underpants? Not for Villa obviously, but still.

That time Gylfi Sigurdsson's goal made me excited in my pants | Cartilage Free Captain

There have been some GOALS so far this season. I can't imagine any Villa goals challenging for Goal of the Season so far, but let me know if I'm missing anything in the comments. For the record, my favourite Villa goal thus far is Leandro Bacuna vs. Manchester City. What do you think?

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