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Betting Recap: The Bookies Bashed Us

Another round of betting in the 7500toHolte writer's pool saw no one make any money. Surely there will be some leagues and teams that some of us will never touch again. It was fun though right?

This is about as close as any of us will get to winning a million from betting
This is about as close as any of us will get to winning a million from betting
Jason Smith

This round of betting was a tough week for the writers, a great week for the bookies.  No one won any money.  But some were very close, just being off by one result.  Alas, that is gambling.

Aaron : With €22.83 available, Aaron spent €3 this weekend.  His first acca busted when Fredy Montero was unable to score for Sporting, despite having the BTTS land in that game.  Fiorentina took down Chievo Verona and Bayern were just able to hang on against Hertha Berlin, but unfortunately he was only able to turn €1 into 0 rather than 14.26.

His second bet of Tijuana to win at home against Tigres in Liga MX failed, perhaps unsurprisingly since Aaron himself said he had little knowledge of this league.  The match ended in a draw.

The Chicago Fire were unable to do much against an in form RBNY side, and lost 5-2.

Net loss for Aaron this week: €3.  Running total: €19.83.

Suggestion: stick to your guns, aka not Mexico.

Gareth : Beginning this weekend with only €5.23 remaining and no bets won to date, Gareth found himself in a spot of trouble.  Gareth took 3 match result bets, in hope that he would find a winner.

In Gareth's first bet he decided to bet €2 on a draw between Villa and Everton, and we all know how that turned out.

His second bet was €2 on Chelsea to win vs Manchester City.  Torres saved him, and now he has some money to play with.

The third and final bet made by Gareth was on a draw in the first el Clásico of the season.  Barça won the match and cost him €1.

Net loss for Gareth this week: €.40. Running total: €4.83.

Suggestion: if you keep only losing €.40 per week, you may last the whole season, so keep it up.

Jack : With €38.76, I was sitting in first place with the most money in the bank. Somewhat unsurprisingly I was let down by one team in both of my coupons this week.  Stupidly I had decided to spend €10, with five on each.  The returns would have been, well, too good to be true I guess.

In my Saturday coupon, Arsenal dispatched Palace with ease, Dortmund overcame local rivals Schalke 04, and Zenit took down Ural, but in the Eredivisie first place FC Twente couldn't deal with 16th placed ADO Den Haag, who collected their first win of the season.  Thanks.

Sunday saw CSKA throttle Krasnodar, Galatasaray win, and of course, my most confident pick of the week, PSG, draw. Awesome.

Net loss for Jack for this week: €10.  Running total: €28.76.

Suggestion: stop betting on the Dutch league.

Kirsten : Starting this week with a respectable €24.56 to her name, Kirsten again spent very little money in an attempt to win a large lump of cash.  With four separate €1 bets, she stood to make an incredible €86 or so if all could hit.

On Saturday, it started off well when Arsenal beat Palace, Liverpool took out the Baggies, but all was lost when Stoke and United decided to have a five goal thriller, busting the under 2.5 goals bet she had on that match.  Southampton and Fulham finished with under 2.5 goals though.  So close.

In her Italy coupon that would have seen a return of nearly €60 from an outlay of €1, she was let down in the first leg when Atalanta weren't able to deal with Sampdoria on the road and lost 1-0.  Sassoulo weren't able to win either and drew 0-0 at Catania, Fiorentina did win away at Chievo, and Roma maintained their perfect record by winning away at Udinese through a Michael Bradley goal.

Her third bet saw her offer to "have all Zlatan Ibrahimovic's babies," but despite this PSG let her down in their draw against St. Etienne.  Also, Swansea vs West Ham finished in a scoreless draw.  However Atletico romped to a 5-0 win, Real Sociedad won, Bayern and Bayer both won, and Spurs did beat Hull City.

Her last bet was a single of Werder Bremen to beat Wolfsburg, but Wolfsburg won 3-0.

Suggestion: Don't bet on Italy.

Robert : Starting this period with €17.22, Robert hasn't been doing bad at all.  He decided to spend €3 this week on two separate bets, a €2 Saturday Premiership fourfold and a €1 single on Liverpool to beat West Brom.

Saturday went well for Robert, with Liverpool beating West Brom 4-1 and Robert profiting from that single.

Arsenal also beat Palace Saturday, but Sunday would ultimately bust this coupon with Sunderland actually winning for once against rivals Newcastle.  He did land the BTTS on Chelsea vs City and the Spurs home win.

Net loss: €1.60.  Running total: €15.62.

Suggestion: Don't bet on derby matches.

How did your bets go? Hopefully better than ours.  Let us know in the comments!

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