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Jores Okore angers Aston Villa fan


Thomas Starke

You certainly remember Jores Okore, correct? The six-foot tall, strikingly handsome defender who came to Aston Villa this summer via FC Norsjaelland? The player who ruptured his ACL back in September? The man who brought us the amazing hashtag #FuckBringPolite?

He's a pretty great fellow, by all accounts. From what little we saw of him this year, I was really excited for him as part of Aston Villa's future. I want to like him, I really do! But today, on twitter, he did this:

I know many of you could not care less about American football (they don't even use their feet!). But let's have a little lesson. The Dallas Cowboys are absolutely terrible. Year after year they put together a mediocre on-field package, and yet - thanks to shrewd marketing - continue to be "America's Team." Every front-running celebrity who has ever front-ru jumps on the Cowboys bandwagon. With apologies to those who came to the team naturally (if you're born in Dallas, it's congenital, I'm sorry), if you just one day decide to say "Hey, I'm going to like the NFL, and I wanna be just like LeBron James, so I'll like the Cowboys" you're doing terrible things. Remember, that's who LeBron James likes. Do you want to be like him?


Remember, this is a team that leaves a hole in their stadium's roof so that "God can watch his team." Does it get any more insufferable than that?

If you're looking for a soccer (used here for clarity) analogy, people who like the Cowboys because "hey, why not" are just like the insufferable people you know who don't know a damn thing about soccer and sport Manchester United or Barcelona kits. In other words: the worst kind of people.

Sorry, Jores. It's time to unload you to whatever team we can at whatever price we can. It was a fun few matches, but this aggression cannot stand.