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Kickin' It: Evaluating prospects, Iceland's ascent, and a breakdown of Villa-Tottenham

Your football news and links for October 23, 2013.

Michael Steele

There really isn't much to talk about is there? Well, here are the few interesting links I found for you today!

Tactical breakdown of Villa-Tottenham | Cartilage Free Captain

A really nice in-depth look at a match that was anything but nice for Aston Villa.

Evaluating how we evaluate prospects | Counter Attack

A great, long piece about how we evaluate up-and-coming players, and how we might change that to produce better results.

Figuring out Iceland | 200%

One of the most fascinating stories of the current round of UEFA qualification has been the rise of the Icelandic football team. Here's a quick little look at them as they get ready to challenge Croatia for one of the last spots into the 2014 World Cup. I can't be alone in saying that if Iceland make the World Cup, I will be a significantly happier person.

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