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Win, lose, or laugh hysterically?

Every weekend, the writers of 7500 to Holte throw some money down on matches happening throughout the world. Every weekend, some of them fail spectacularly.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend's games are over and the verdicts are in. So, who's the 7500 author that you should listen to when it comes to risking a bit of cash?

spent: €5
earned: €0
total available: €22.83

Aaron may have earned the dubious honor of being 7500's worst wagerer this weekend. He picked Southampton, Seattle and Parma to win and Luis Suarez to score against Newcastle. He did judge that both Colorado Rapids and Vancouver Whitecaps would score, and that match ended 3-2 to Colorado.

Verdict: keep your money on MLS next week, buddy.

spent: €5
earned: €12.77
total available: €21.77

Andrew was too cowardly to bet on Soton beating United, so the draw earned him more than 8e. His accumulator wasn't very risky: Chelsea, Swansea and Arsenal to win, plus Newcastle and Liverpool both to score, but it was enough to bring him back over 20e. His only mistake was putting 2e on Grealish's Notts County, who lost 2-0 to Swindon.

Verdict: put aside the sentimental attachment to Jack Grealish and Vegas is yours, baby.

spent: €6
earned: €0
total available: €5.23

Manchester City beat West Ham United. Decisively. Roma beat Napoli. Comprehensively. And Fulham, well...Fulham destroyed Crystal Palace.

Verdict: expect a punch in the face, Canadian.

spent: €6
earned: €13.92
total available: €38.76

There's nothing that can make you cry with laughter like losing out on €21.98 because Feyenoord, who had the chance to go top of the table, lost to a club called Go Ahead Eagles, who scored in the 89th minute. It would've been even funnier had Barcelona actually managed to beat Osasuna, a side in the relegation zone. But Jack's Bundesliga four-fold earned him some cash, with Leverkusen, Bayern, Dortmund and Schalke all winning (although Schalke sure made it terrifying for awhile). It remains to be seen, however, if Jack'll have to give the money back if Hoffenheim demand a replay thanks to the infamous ghost goal.

Verdict: "Week in and week out Celtic are a classic team to put on your banker acca" doesn't always work, dude.

spent: €3
total available:

It's worth losing your Serie A 3-fold if the reason is that Fiorentina came from 2-0 down to beat Juventus 4-2. However, it's a bit embarrassing when Udinese fail to score a single goal and Genoa - Chievo Verona, which should've been a goalless draw, brings in three. Also, thanks for losing me nearly 20e, Barcelona.

Verdict: Betting on Italy is never a good idea

spent: €3
total available:

Arsenal and Chelsea rode out comfortable wins, while the 2-2 draw between Newcastle and Liverpool easily satisfied the +2.5 goals to finish out Robert's acca. But really, thinking Stoke City are going to beat West Bromwich Albion? That's just nonsense.

Verdict: Seriously, no more betting against West Brom, Albion.