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Aston Villa vs. Spurs: A really drunk preview

I asked these questions of a Spurs blogger and he never got back ti me so what the hell, let's go for it or whatever.

Mike Hewitt

Earlier today, I thought I'd be giving you a Q&A with a Spurs blogger and then a genuine preview to follow. But I never heard back from said Spurs' blogger, and then I went to a rock show and drank several beer. So, whatever. All hints of professionalism are out the window. I'll just answer my own questions about Spurs. Why not.

I'm sure you're tired of questions of this nature so I apologize, but I'm going to ask it anyways; how do you feel about this club's chances without Gareth Bale? Spurs did not muck about in re-investing his transfer fee into the squad, but any time a club loses a player that was such a focal point it's inevitable that the dynamic is going to change.

Gareth Bale is far too weak to wear the Spurs' shirt. He is a tiny human baby. A very small (as in terms of stature) person and also really small for football reasons. He is literally like four foot tall.

Andros Townsend hasn't quite come out of nowhere, but he's clearly had a tremendous start to the season. How surprising has his start been, and how good do you think he could be?

Andros Townsend has found a super secret magic potion that has made him immune to the "secret potion" or whatever thing that makes England awful or whatever.

We're now well over a year into the Andre Villas-Boas era. In general, how do Spurs fans feel about his time in charge to this point? Is there a sense that he's the man that's going to take the club to the next level?

He wears ties so that's super neat and important and stuff.

With both of the Manchesters-to some extent or another-struggling, do you see this as a year in which Spurs could really take advantage of the situation?

Well Spurs don't have and Adnan Januzaj so whatever.

What changes do you expect to see from the Spurs side that crushed Villa only a few weeks ago?


What one aspect of Aston Villa has you most worried?

(Probably Benteke)

Finally, how do you see Sunday's game playing out?

Probably Spurs 3-1 because that's safe or whtaver.