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A little luck, a little skill: Who put their money in the right place?

The weekend's matches have come to a close -- which 7500 to Holte authors managed to earn a bit of cash off their football bets?

Jamie McDonald

So, turns out....not many 7500 to Holte authors are good at betting. Or maybe we just have really bad luck. We are Aston Villa supporters, after all. Read on to find out who you should, and who you should not, listen to when placing your own bets this weekend. And we'll be back on Friday with the next round!

P.S. -- Robert, the only reason I can figure out what the non-simple bets are worth is because a website tells me the information. Alas, I am not a magical odds-determining wizard

Aaron Campeau
Outlay €4, possible winnings €23.16
Winnings: €8.66
Total available: €24.66

Aaron didn't do too badly for placing his bets in the middle of the night after giving them really no thought whatsoever. Yeah, he was swayed by his love for Wolfsburg into putting money on a draw with Bayern Munich, which was just silly. And for some reason, he thought Lamar Neagle would be the first to score for the Seattle Sounders, when in fact it was Brad Evans that scored against New York Red Bulls. But Aaron put €2 on Norwich to beat Stoke City, earning him an extra €4.66 for his pot.

Jack Grimse
Outlay €2, possible winnings €23.53
Winnings: €17.84
Total available: €35.84

Jack put €1 on an eight-fold bet for Saturday and wound up nearly doubling his pot. We could call it lucky but the odds were in his favor -- Bayern to win? PSG to win? Simples. The only risk on this one was putting money on Watford to beat Wigan. It worked, and Jack doubled the value of his bet.

Robert Lintott
Outlay €2, possible winnings €14.58
Winnings: €0
Total available: €18

Robert chose correctly when he predicted Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea would play out a draw on Saturday. He was also correct with one of his "gimmie" bets -- Liverpool easily dismissed Sunderland on Sunday. But his other "gimmie" bet didn't pan out so well, with Manchester United falling to West Bromwich Albion. This is probably revenge for Robert not knowing what an albion is.

Kirsten Schlewitz
Outlay €1, possible winnings €70.56
Winnings: €0
Total available: €19

Despite living in a place where it's actually legal to place bets on sporting events, I haven't quite figured out how to earn any money. My bet was shot as soon as Augsburg came back late in the game to draw against Gladbach. Parma managed a stoppage time equalizer against Fiorentina, but couldn't get a winner. And, of course, stupid Andi Weimann had to go and get a third goal for Aston Villa, rather than stopping at Leandro Bacuna's equalizer.

Gareth Simpson
Outlay €6, possible winnings €18.40
Winnings: €0
Total available: €14

Gareth might want to be less free with his bets next week after having exactly none of them go through this weekend. Despite having a man advantage after Fernando Torres was sent off, Spurs still couldn't beat Chelsea. West Ham United lost 1-0 to Hull City on a rather harsh penalty call -- although it never really looked like the Irons would score. Finally, although Swansea kept Arsenal at bay for the first hour of the match, it never really looked as though the Swans would take all three points.