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Bored of the break? Place a bet

International breaks are the absolute worst. The only way we've found to make things interesting is to put money on the matches, thus creating an instant reason to watch.

Alan Crowhurst

Is it possible to get hooked on gambling with fake money? If so, a few 7500 to Holte writers may have a problem. With no real football this weekend, we decided to place our money on internationals. Which, depending on how you look at it, is either way more fun or a total pain in the ass. If you're the type of bettor that really examines the odds and looks to place bets that can really provide a decent yet safe return, Internationals might drive you crazy, as they're so unpredictable. But if you just want to slap down your cash down in favor of a team with the best national anthem, or against your country's biggest rivals, go for it -- it just feels as though unexpected results come more often in these matches.

Still curious about how to bet? Check out Betting 101.


Can I bet all the money on earth against the Sounders?

Sure, Aaron. Go for it. Seattle lost 5-1 to Colorado before losing 4-1 to Vancouver four days later, and with rivals Portland up next, well, things don't look so great.

available: €32.84

2€ double, 12.05€ potential return

Denmark vs Italy: away win (2/1)
Italy already have it wrapped up so they might try some experimenting, but I expect them to win.
Colombia vs Chile: home win (21/20)
This should be a good match between the teams in second and third places respectively in CONMEBOL. Colombia should win though, because Falcao

available: €30.56

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Liechtenstein: away win, €1 (66/1)
Yeah, there's no way this is going to happen, particularly with Bosnia needing a win to make sure they get to Brazil. I pretty much just threw my €1 down the toilet. But imagine if it pays off!

England vs. Montenegro: away win, €1 (10/1)
I placed this bet because I find it ridiculously insulting that the odds in this one are tilted so far in favor of a pretty meh England team. Of course, putting my money on my adopted country means it's likely England will score five goals and qualify for Brazil, so...sorry Montenegro.

Three-fold acca, €1 stake, return €4.24

Colombia vs. Chile: home win (1/1)
USA vs. Jamaica: home win (2/7)
Greece vs. Slovakia: under 2.5 goals scored (13/20)
The entire purpose of this three-fold is to win back the money I wasted on the other bets. Quite honestly, I'm rather surprised I could earn .65 on predicting Greece-Slovakia will have less than 3 goals.

available: €17

3-part Accumulator, €2 stake, return €3.02

Malta vs. Czech Republic: away win (1/5)
Spain vs. Belarus: home win (1/20)
Portugal vs. Israel: home win (1/6)
I know, I know. It's not very risky. But I'm trying to have a winning week here, and these seem like pretty safe bets to get just a bit ahead of where I've been. Also, I'm really irritated that I can't find reserve-team odds so I can't bet against West Brom this week.

Let's all cross our fingers that Robert makes his first Euro...