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Kickin' It: Chicharito looking to leave Manchester, maybe because Russell Brand hurt his feelings

Your football news and links for October 10, 2013.

Julian Finney

Russell Brand is busy trolling Manchester United and that may be enough to make Javier Hernandez want to leave. Or there is the option that the two are not connected. But that's boring.

Javier Hernandez contemplating a move from Manchester United | The Mirror

FIrst off, allow me to start you off with this. Now that we've got our gigantic grains of salt ready, we can tackle this story. Javier Hernandez is quite good. David Moyes is, apparently, not quite so good. David Moyes has decided he doesn't want to play Chicharito all that often. Ergo: Hernandez would like to leave Manchester United. It passes the smell test of logic, but beyond that I can't really see it happening.

That said, I'd like to be the first to extend a warm welcome to the Little Pea to join Aston Villa. I really really hate the guy, but if he put on the claret and blue I'm sure I'd change my mind. But listen, dude. We're not paying you much. What money we have has got to go to defenders and midfielders. So... you can have Stephen Ireland's apartment while he's off on loan.

Russell Brand trolls Manchester United fans | Here Is The City

I legitimately don't know what to think of Russell Brand. Sometimes he's an absolute twat and just a general jackass. But then he'll make absolute asses of members of the Westboro Baptist Church, or troll Manchester United fans. And you know what? I end up liking the guy. The gist of this story is: Brand is a West Ham fan, the Hammers have Manchester United former prospect Ravel Morrison, and Brand thinks pointing this out to United fans is funny. Hard to disagree.

PS - If you're offended by me cheering Russell Brand making asses of the WBC folks, it's okay if you click away now.

Add gifs to your comments the easy way! | SB Nation

For the moment, this amuses me highly. I can see if being really annoying though, so be careful.

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