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Aston Villa show interest in young Serie A defender

The agent of Lazio defender Luis Cavanda has suggested that Aston Villa are interested in the young Belgian.

Granted, the T-Rex arms give some cause for concern
Granted, the T-Rex arms give some cause for concern
Scott Heavey

Now here's a rumor that makes sense: Aston Villa are interested in Luis Cavanda, a young Belgian defender currently playing for Lazio in Serie A. Cavanda's representative could just be making things up, of course, saying that Villa have shown interest in his client, but that's a pretty strange club to pick out of a hat.

No, this is a link that fits with the philosophy of Paul Lambert, that fits with the direction the club are headed. The 22-year-old has played 20 games for Lazio this season, including Europa League competition, with 15 of those starts. Unfortunately, he's a right-back, not a left-back, but I think we can all agree that the Villa need cover just about everywhere, no matter how well Matthew Lowton has done this season. Finally, Lazio have one of the best defenses in Serie A this season, having conceded just 18 goals thus far, and the Belgian has received plenty of praise for his role at the back.

Oh, and Cavanda has a twitter, in case you want to stalk him and see if he posts any cryptic messages.