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Stephen Warnock to Leeds United Looks to be Done

With Alan Hutton gone, Stephen Warnock remained as Aston Villa's last major player that would never see the pitch. It seems that he too may be headed away from Birmingham.

Richard Heathcote

Mat Kendrick, as well as a number of others, are reporting that defender Stephen Warnock will be leaving Aston Villa on a free transfer to Leeds United:

Of course, as with all rumors on deadline day, this could change. In some reports Warnock is leaving on a loan, in others it's a permanent move. Regardless, it looks as if by the time February rolls around, Warnock will not be Villa's problem any longer.

Warnock has had a tumultuous time with the club. In 2010, Gerard Houllier made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the defender and placed him permanently in the reserve squad. We all assumed that he'd be gone in the summer transfer window but Alex McLeish decided Warnock was prime-grade player and allowed him 34 appearances. Paul Lambert, however, has been forthright in saying he wants nothing to do with the erstwhile first-team regular.

Part of this season has seen Warnock on loan to Bolton Wanderers. As it stands, if Villa can get his wages off the books, that seems to be the smart thing. He's obviously got no future at the club, and waiting for something in return is just being needlessly stubborn. So, assuming these rumors are true, farewell Stephen. And thanks. Or something.