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Villa's Week Ahead: I guess the EPL is still in play...

Take a look back at the club's miserable week and gaze longingly at the "well, it can't get worse, can it?" week ahead!

"It stinks!" - Jay Sherman
"It stinks!" - Jay Sherman
Clive Rose

I'll be totally honest with you. There is nothing I can say to put an optimistic look on the week that just transpired. It was, without question, the most miserable week we've had in ages. It may actually be the worst week in Aston Villa history. This is a club that's going nowhere right now, and they're doing so in a dreadfully boring way.

If they ever wanted a time to turn things around, this would be the week. Make us forget last week and snag 6 points, Villa! We'll all be too delirious to remember what you've done to us.


Just The Facts, Please

Position W D L GD Pts
Aston Villa 17th 4 8 11 -25 20

Form (Last 5): L L D L D

Results Last Week: Aston Villa 2-1 Bradford City (3-4 agg.) (League Cup Semis), Millwall 2-1 Aston Villa (FA Cup)

Upcoming Fixtures:

  • First Team:
    Newscastle (EPL) - Tuesday, January 29, 1945 GMT, 1445 Eastern

    at Everton (EPL) - Saturday, February 2, 1500 GMT, 1000 Eastern

Transfer Rumor Roundup

  • Not a damn thing. Still.

Match Notes

Aston Villa 2-1 Bradford City (3-4 agg.) (League Cup Semifinals)

  • Well, we had this:

  • And this:

  • Which would have been enough for Villa to advance had it not been for this:
  • Does anyone remember the match that got us to the semifinal? Man, early December was great.
  • You can find our recap here. If you prefer less news-y and more vitriolic, try this.

Millwall 2-1 Aston Villa (FA Cup)

  • I didn't get to see this match, and I'm glad I didn't. You'll be shocked to hear one of the conceded goals came from a set-piece.
  • You can find our recap here.

Looking Ahead

  • For as much as I actively dislike this team right now, they could go a long ways towards helping themselves with a win on Tuesday. Securing three points at home against Newcastle SHOULD be doable. That means it likely isn't, but we can dream, right?
  • And heck, if they really want to blow our minds, take three from the Tuesday match and one from Saturday. A four-point week? We wouldn't even know what to do with ourselves.
  • But let's be honest. Two losses? If you were putting money on this club, would you really consider betting on them getting points?
  • Thanks, as always, for reading. I'm sorry I can't muster any entusiasm for a team that can be generously described as "tepid piss."