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Alan Hutton set for sunny Spain?

After seeing him on loan with Nottingham Forest -- apparently Iberians spend their off days watching the Championship, who knew? -- struggling Spanish side Real Mallorca are rumoured to be interested in taking Aston Villa fullback Alan Hutton.

Well, at least we know he's been to Spain before
Well, at least we know he's been to Spain before
Jasper Juinen

As far as rumors go, Sky Sport reporting Real Mallorca want Alan Hutton on loan is pretty high up on the "make you spit out your coffee while giggling in glee" scale. Aston Villa don't want Alan Hutton despite the fact that they're struggling against the drop, so why on earth would some club in Spain want the Scot?

Two reasons this rumor just might be credible. The first is that Mallorca are having an even worse season than the Villa, although their goal difference isn't quite as bad. That may change as soon as Hutton sets eyes on Lionel Messi, however.

The second reason this might be believable is that it's totally bizarre. It's like someone just reached into a hat filled with slips of paper bearing names of out of favor footballers. Then they spun their finger round a map of Europe and landed on the Spanish island.

Either that, or Hutton went on holiday and someone decided he's in negotiations with Mallorca. But maybe, just maybe, if Villa get him off on loan by Monday, that might free up a few pounds to bring in our own loan. Please, Randy? Please?