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Aston Villa is bad at scoring goals

No, I know you already knew that, but I it's even worse than you think.

Scott Heavey

Veritable ray of sunshine Mat Kendrick has been looking at the numbers, and what he's discovered isn't pretty; no club in the football league has scored fewer goals than Aston Villa. Sure, QPR has scored the same number, but that's a pretty horrendous statistic no matter how you slice it. I think we're all aware that this club has been painfully impotent this season, but sometimes it takes seeing it spelled out like this for things to truly be driven home.

We can all argue over what the cause of this level of incompetence really is, but the fact remains that it's not something that can be allowed to continue without some kind of change. New players? God, please. Putting Darren Bent back in the starting XI? I've supported Lambert's decision to leave him out until now, but it's at least worth a shot. Recall Nathan Delfouneso? Hey, why the hell not.

This is just embarrassing. I don't think anyone was expecting a goal-scoring juggernaut, but for a team that's trying to play free-flowing attacking football, this is little short of a disaster. Goals, gentlemen. Please score more of them.