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Transfers Make Us Happy? - Fan Confidence Poll Week 3

Ooo! I <em>love</em> voting in polls!
Ooo! I love voting in polls!

Welcome to week 3 of the fan confidence poll. If you're new around here, or just missed the previous installments, we're asking you to let us know how confident you are in the team. The idea here is to get some sort of quantitative measure of what fans think about the club and where it is headed. This is, of course, extremely scientific. You can trust me. I've done science.*

*Not necessarily this type of science, but I assure you I took a number of science classes at various institutions of learning. I am obviously well-qualified for this position.

I'm particularly interested to see what happens this week. After the West Ham loss, we came in at an average score of 3.605. Then came the Everton match and (by the time the poll was opened) no transfers. Rather predictably, the numbers went down some, coming in at 3.108 in 110 votes. With two whole data points (!) we can now debut the Official 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Table. (Please play this in the background while you look at the table.)

Official 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Table

Week Votes Confidence Rating
1 341 3.605
2 110 3.108

But since then, Villa have brought in a bevy of players and had a confidence-building draw at Newcastle. So what say you this week? Also, as always, we've got a qualitative question for you to answer in the comments:

This Week's Question For The Comments: How happy are you with Aston Villa's work in the last week of the transfer window?