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Aston Villa Draw Swindon Town For The Next Round Of The League Cup

Aston Villa will travel to Swindon for the next round of the Capital One Cup, scheduled to be played the week of October 29.

Harry Engels - Getty Images

The names have been picked out of the hat, or whatever it is they do to indicate the next matches to be played in the League Cup, and Aston Villa have been paired up with Swindon Town. That's right, after having to face Manchester City in the last round -- and beating them oh so handsomely (there's just no limit on the number of times we can reinforce that point) -- the Villa will now travel to Swindon for a what should be an easy match against a League One side. The round is scheduled for the week of October 29.

Let's all remember, too, that this match will involve Paolo Di Canio. If you thought Roberto Mancini's choice words against Paul Lambert were funny, well, be sure you're paying attention to Di Canio in the run-up to this match. He is, shall we put it, slightly insane. Unfortunately, he's also known for his side's ability to upset the higher-ups. It would be just the luck of Villa to dominate City away and then contrive to lose to Swindon.