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Aston Villa 2-0 Swansea City: The Recap in Gifs!

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Well, if you'd forgotten what it was like to watch a fun Aston Villa team, hopefully you remember now. Villa dominated the match and made Swansea look utterly hopeless. Sure, the Swans had a few chances here and there, but none of them were all that dangerous. I guess that's not entirely true. There were two shots in quick succession that were quite dangerous, but Brad Guzan handled them with aplomb. For the rest of the match, he got to be a fairly routine goalkeeper thanks to an incredibly good match from the back four.

But a clean sheet isn't quite as nice if it still only gets the team a draw. That's where Matthew Lowton and Christian Benteke come in. Lowton hit a superb shot in the 16th minute that had the keeper completely fooled. It may have actually been a better goal than Karim El Ahmadi's strike against Everton. Then, Christian Benteke, who made his Villa debut as a sub in the 71st minute, scored a goal that wasn't all that pretty, but still was amazing. Benteke looked ready to strike from the moment he set foot on the pitch, and missed a couple of opportunities. Seemed like it would be a day where we saw a glimpse of what he could be, but no final product. The goal came in the 88th minute, though, and reaffirmed why we were all so excited.

But that's enough words for now. After the jump you'll find three gifs. Guzan's saves, and the two goals. They're large, so let them load. But if you forgot why Villa can be fun, let these help remind you.

Guzan Saves


These were two separate attempts. The one in which the camera was behind the goal was first and then the shot to the upper corner came next. Just amazing.

Lowton Scores


Worth noting that this came off of a corner. I'm as shocked as you are.

Benteke Scores in his Debut


Not the prettiest thing ever, but give him credit for sticking with it to the end. Great way to see the big man debut.


This winning thing never gets old, does it? Enjoy the gifs, and have a great weekend!