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Saxons Pick up Three Points, Exact Revenge - The Stockport Report

This week's Stockport Report is a bit lighter than usual, but that's more due to a crazy schedule on my part and less to the Saxons having not done too much. Indeed, they were a busy team this week, securing another new player, getting in two matches, and locking up a major (and as-yet-to-be-named) sponsorship. For the sake of time, we're jumping straight to bullet-points.

  • Runcorn Linnets 2-1 Stockport Sports FC: In their Tuesday match, the Saxons continued the trend of dominating possession but being outmuscled by a physically stronger team. The lone bright-side was the effective debut of Togo international Donald Sackley. He had been on the pitch before, but for a negligible amount of time. In almost his first touch in this match, though, Sackley made his presence known by sending the ball into the top corner of the net for the Saxon's lone goal of the day.
  • Stockport Sports FC 2-0 Ashton Athletic: You might notice, if you're particularly observant, that this is the first time the Saxons have appeared first in the scoreline. It was their home debut in the newly re-done Stockport Sports Village, and what a debut it was. Ashton Athletic, you may remember, is the team that knocked Stockport out of the FA Cup, so there was a little desire for revenge on the part of the Saxons. John Marsden - a name with which we should all be becoming familiar - scored the highlight goal, while Frank Atangan provided the second. The win bumped Stockport to 12 points on the season from 9 played. They currently sit in 10th place.
  • Stockport added another central defender in Mike Tomlinson. There's a nice write-up on him here.
  • Finally, Stockport will be announcing a new "major sponsor" soon. I'm not sure who it will be, but my guess is God. Barring that, it's probably Etihad. Seems likely.
The Saxons are back in action this week with another home match. This one comes on Saturday against Bacup Borough. I'm pretty sure the Bacup is a trophy won by an ovine football team.

Up the Saxons!