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Who On Earth Is Ashley Westwood?

Aston Villa have agreed a fee for Ashley Westwood, a 22-year-old from Crewe Alexandra. NOT, in case you were wondering, the 36 year old who is currently player-manager at Portsmouth. Come on, Pompey don't have enough players to let one go.

No, we don't know much more about him than you can pick up from reading his Wikipedia profile: with Crewe since 2009, the poor Alex just made him captain at the beginning of this month. He's a midfielder who appears to be able to play defence as well, and he's managed 14 goals in his time with the club. Maybe a CDM? I wish I could tell you.

We did manage to pick up this information from a Crewe supporter:

Can pick a pass? Be still my heart!

Other than that, what we know is that a fee has been agreed and he's on his way to Bodymoor Heath for a medical. Finding players from the lower leagues is what Paul Lambert does best, so, again, it may be wise just to trust the man in charge.