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Aston Villa Takes a Belgian Dip; Benteke Deal Back On?

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Word is coming in that the Christian Benteke crisis is finally coming to an end with Aston Villa and Genk finally settling on a price for the raw Belgian forward. There was much talk about Genk holding up the deal for a higher fee than the 5.5 million pounds initially offered by Villa but we don't know if they've gotten their wish.

It's no secret that Villa are looking to shore up their attack and Benteke is the probably not going to come in and score tons of goals in the Premier League. He does however have a lot of potential and his desire to play in England is immense. This deal is splitting Villa fans into two factions: ones who can't believe the club spent that much money on a player like Benteke who may not be the real deal and those who are excited to see the club invest in a young player with tremendous upside.

There's yet a third faction and that would be the Belgian football bloggers and fans who cannot believe the money being spent on a Belgian player who has not accomplished much on the pitch relative to other Belgian players that have made moves to big clubs recently. Buying Belgian is all the rage these days and on the surface it appears Villa are like the 45 year old father of four who just bought his first pair of skinny jeans.

We'll have much more on this story as it develops so stay tuned!