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It's Official: Aston Villa Signs A Striker! Yay!

The Andy Carroll rumours will likely be forever unfounded, and Clint Dempsey may have rejected Aston Villa with nary a glance (jerk), but the Villa have managed to land another striker before the transfer deadline. Hooray! It's now official -- Jordan Bowery has moved from Chesterfield to Villa on a three-year deal.

Again, this isn't one of those signings from whom we should expect miracles. Bowery plied his trade in League One last season (Chesterfield are now down in League Two) and he's only 21. For Villa supporters moaning about a lack of Premier League experience on the team, Bowery just won't satisfy.

But the thing about Bowery is, as we've written before, he's different. He's a big target forward, someone Paul Lambert has been seeking since he arrived in June. He's a piece in the puzzle the new manager is building. I know it's hard, especially when seeing the fancy toys other clubs are getting, to be patient with no-name players from almost no-name clubs. Still, trust Lambert -- this is how he's operated before, and he's going to get the Villa through.