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Aston Villa Close To Surprise Move For Clint Dempsey

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Liverpool and Sunderland have been linked to Clint Dempsey for much of the last week, but apparently Aston Villa have also joined the action. According to the Mail, Fulham have accepted an offer from Villa for the United States international.

Aston Villa have had an offer of £7million accepted for Clint Dempsey. It's now up to Liverpool and Sunderland to match that if they want to get involved in the action.

The Mail is usually very, very dodgy, but they rarely provide as much detail as they have in this report. Actually being concrete enough to say that an offer has been accepted is much more than they usually provide when they make up stories so there is some chance that this one has legs.

Now this report is being backed by Sky Sports and several other sources so it appears as if the Mail got one right. It's a miracle.

Dempsey and Fulham are at odds as the player tries to force a transfer through, while the Cottagers hold firm on their valuation of him. Dempsey hasn't been at Fulham training or played in the club's first two matches as the situation sorts itself out.

Villa could certainly use attacking help after scoring just once in their first two matches. Dempsey, who scored 23 times last year for Fulham would certainly provide it.