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Live Transfer Rumor Madness Open Thread

Good morning everyone, it's Christmas in (barely) August! The transfer window closes in just about 17 hours, and we here at 7,500 to Holte will be busting our humps and putting our day jobs on the line to ensure that you have the most up-to-date coverage possible of any new developments. But we're only human, all of us, and we can't cover every single Aston Villa specific rumor that's bound to pop up, not to mention the innumerable fun bits of gossip that come about that have absolutely nothing to do with our beloved Claret and Blues.

So, here's a space to discuss every little tidbit to your hearts content, whether or not it has anything to do with Aston Villa in the slightest. Juventus chasing a striker? Fiorentina cashing in on Jovetic? Schurrle Chelsea bound? QPR to sign Diego Maradona? Lots and lots of stuff is bound to happen in the next few hours; let's go crazy with speculation.