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Villa Will Continue Striker Search In Spite of Benteke News

The Guardian is reporting that Aston Villa have seen a third bid for Belgium international Christian Benteke rejected by Genk. Apparently Villa are getting fed up with Genk's reluctance to move the 21-year-old striker at any of the prices VIlla have offered. Benteke has made his desire to play for Villa clear and is apparently trying to use a legal loophole to force a move (though what that loophole is remains unclear).

I know everyone around here has their mind set on Benteke, but unless Genk can come to their senses, that is looking less and less likely. The good news, though, is that Aston Villa are absolutely in the market for another striker and apparently have some other options. Interestingly, those options do not include Stoke City's Kenwyne Jones, who earlier in the window was rumored to be a prime target for Villa.

The window closes tomorrow, and Villa need another player or two. That article re-confirms that the Jordan Bowery signing is almost done. Aside from that, the bad news is that we've not got another goalscorer yet. The good news is that the team recognize that and seem to have some sort of plan.

If you insist on rioting at this stage, please limit it to a salad fork and some flaming asparagus rather than the full pitchforks and torches route. Something is going to happen, we all just need to be patient.