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Looks Like Jay Spearing Chose Another Route

According to our friends over at Lion of Vienna Suite, it seems Jay Spearing to Bolton Wanderers is all but a done deal. We reported earlier in this crazy week that the Liverpool midfielder might be headed to Aston Villa, but it looks as though Spearing is on his way to some Championship football. He'll go to Bolton on a six-month loan, with the option of extending or buying at the end.

Truthfully, this is not a big deal for the Villa. Liverpool did want to sell the player, but Spearing didn't want to let go (I'm beginning to suspect the Merseysiders brainwash all footballers). A decently priced box-to-box midfielder with experience? Ok, grab him, Villa. A short-term loan in which we possibly fatten up a player only for him to return to our competition? No thanks.

So if any of you had the hots for Spearing, it's time to let go. We've got about 36 hours left and there's going to be at least one more signing. Sit back, relax, and ignore the Twitters if you want to keep your sanity.