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Aston Villa Look Set To Complete Bowery Signing from Chesterfield

BBC is reporting that Aston Villa are set to sign Jordan Bowery from League Two side Chesterfield for £500,000. It seems that the Mirror's earlier rumor was true. Bowery is a 21-year-old striker who has scored 10 goals in his 83 league appearances since his debut with Chesterfield. While the goals per match rate may seem low, it's worth keeping in mind that he is pretty young, so there is plenty of room for development.

As Andrew wrote this morning:

This is actually not entirely surprising given Lambert's managerial roots in the lower leagues of England. He's had a penchant for scouting the lower leagues and looking to bring in young, inexpensive talent that he can work into his plans. From what I can discern, Bowery is a big target man - the kind of forward that Lambert has been going after since he was announced as manager.

And I think that's what we all were excited about when it was announced that Paul Lambert would be the manager of the club. Too often in the past Villa have relied on top-dollar everyone-knows-about-them talent. A few of those signings are fine, but building a team around them in financially irresponsible. It's signings like these that can help build a team that is competitive now and into the future.

We'll keep our eyes on other developments as the day progresses, so make sure to keep checking in!