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One Says Yes, One Says No To Aston Villa

It's all up to Joe Bennet now, it seems. Multiple sources indicate that Aston Villa and Middlesbrough have agreed a fee for the left-back, but now Bennet needs to be seduced into the move. He's now in discussion with the Villa over personal terms, so we'll have an eye out for how those talks are going. And if he needs any encouragement, people can just remind Bennet about the last Middlesbrough player who landed at Villa Park -- Stewart Downing is now doing just fine at Liverpool. Sure, he'll have to become a left-back, but look how he's moved up in the world, with Villa as his springboard.

In other news, it seems Charlton Athletic have rejected a £1.5 bid for midfielder Dale Stephens. With other clubs also in the mix for Stephens, Charlton are likely hoping for a bit more money for their star. Let's put our hopes elsewhere, Villa, and focus on Bennet and Benteke.