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Aston Villa Make Appearance In SB Nation Power Rankings

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SB Nation has cobbled together a group of writers from the main site and the club blogs to do weekly power rankings over on the mothership. This week's version has dropped, and it doesn't make great viewing for Villa fans. While I'm our site's representative in the ranking process, I can assure you that I didn't pick that "Heading for the drop?" headline that looms right above Aston Villa.

In the interest of full disclosure, I've put my own rankings beneath the jump, and I encourage you to do the same in the comments!

  1. Chelsea: Took Newcastle apart with minimal fuss, and looked good doing it (see the picture above.)
  2. Manchester City: Playing poorly and winning. Which Manchester club is this again?
  3. Manchester United: Still looking a bit shaky, to be honest. It just takes a lot to rank Manchester United outside of the top three, no matter what week it is.
  4. Swansea City: They lost their best player and their much-lauded manager and somehow got better. Also, the instant success of Michael Laudrup and Michu is a lesson to people who preach about Premier League Experience like it's a thing that matters.
  5. Everton: David Moyes has added players to a settled squad that's playing well at the start of the season. Everything is so weird, I can't handle it.
  6. West Bromwich Albion: Romelu Lukaku isn't fair.
  7. Arsenal: They have to buy SOMEBODY, right? Like, they have to. Come on.
  8. Tottenham Hotspur: At least they finally got a striker. And they sold Luka Modric. It's everything that we expected to happen, just left to the last possible moment.
  9. Fulham: I always like seeing Fulham play Manchester United. Even when they don't win, it always seems like they aren't scared. I'm sad that they let Moussa Dembele go to Spurs, and they will likely also lose Clint Dempsey (which I'm fine with.)
  10. Newcastle: I like Newcastle but they were terribly meek in defeat against Chelsea. If they have any pretense of challenging the top four, they should do better.
  12. Wigan Athletic: Arouna Koné scored 15 goals for Levante and almost dragged a terrible team into the Champions League. Roberto Martinez got him for half of what Southampton paid to get Jay Rodriguez from Burnley.
  13. Sunderland: Spending £22 million on Steven Fletcher and Adam Johnson is a better Martin O'Neill joke than I could ever write on my own.
  14. West Ham United: West Ham were so embarrassing against Swansea that it made me feel even worse about Villa.
  15. Stoke City: This was before they lost to Swindon in the League Cup. Hahahahahahahaha.
  16. Reading: Like Southampton, they put in a credible showing against a good team, bossing Chelsea for a decent chunk of their match.
  17. Queens Park Rangers: If I told you I thought QPR had a better squad than Aston Villa, would you believe me? I'm not sure if I believe me, but it's close.
  18. Norwich City: My rule is you get a boost if a Canadian international scores for you. I don't see this getting used all that often.
  19. Southampton: There's still some residual glow from the fight they gave Manchester City in the season opener.
  20. Aston Villa: I know, I know. But they lost to a poor team and then got their pants pulled down by a mid-table one.