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Fan Confidence Poll, Week 2 & Villans in Low Places

We're now to week 2 of the fan confidence polls, as we try and assess what the general feeling about this club is. Coming off a tough loss to West Ham, and given the general dour nature of fans in the past couple of years, I expected there to be a lot of 2s and 3s. I certainly didn't expect a majority of voters to go for 4 or 5. Overall, the average score last week was a 3.605 over 340 votes (as of this writing). That means that the fans surveyed are well above average in their confidence that the team is being run in a manner that will lead to success.

When this poll goes up today, though, Villa will have had 3 days to try and nab a player or two to assuage feelings after the Everton debacle. I imagine that will impact the results, though I'm not exactly sure how. Anyhow, let's get to the poll itself, and to our question of the week for you to answer in the comments:

This Week's Question For the Comments: Who is the Villan in the worst form right now? Keep in mind, this may or may not be your least favorite Villan, simply whoever is playing worst. As always, show your work!