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Aston Villa Linked to Ligue 1 Striker As Transfer Window Prepares To Close

Sky Sports has linked Aston Villa to Yoan Gouffran, a striker/winger who plays for Ligue 1 side Bordeaux. The 26-year-old scored 14 goals last season in a league that sees far less scoring than the Premiership. In the team's three league matches this season, Gouffran has already scored once, and has been an active part of the un-beaten Bordeaux attack.

Gouffran is a French national and had 26 caps with the French U21 team. He has yet to be called up to the senior team, but there is obviously some potential there. He plays a position that Villa desperately need some help at, and if he's even half decent as a winger he will be better than anything the team have got now.

It's important to remember that Sky Sports are not always correct, and they certainly may be playing a game of connect-the-dots here. Gouffran has expressed interest in playing in the Premier League, he's a striker, and he likely wouldn't cost too much. Aston Villa need a striker who won't cost too much, so voila, connection made.

Frankly, I'd be surprised to see anything come of this, but if it did, I'd certainly be pretty excited. We will let you know if any other news pops up with regard to Gouffran