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Karim El Ahmadi's Goal Was A Thing Of Beauty

If I'm entirely honest with you, there is little point to this post. Well, I suppose there is a point, and that's to lift our spirits a bit. The match on Saturday was unquestionably miserable. Everton took a 0-3 first half lead and never even looked close to being pressured for the rest of the match. The score could have easily been 0-5 had Everton really been trying.

But as it is, the match ended 1-3, and while most of the day was terrible, that 1 was pretty darn amazing. Villa were pressing towards Everton's goal in the 75th minute. There wasn't anything urgent happening but it was a nice contrast to back-on-their-heels Villa we had seen earlier in the match. Karim El Ahmadi was distributing well, and realized there was nowhere to go but backwards. He did so, and received a pass about 30 yards from the net. This seemed a prime opportunity for KEA to feed something in or send the ball wide. After all, there were three players (if you include Tim Howard) between him and the net.

KEA had other ideas. Proceed beyond the jump to put a smile on your face, but be warned that there are gifs.

Rather than passing, KEA did this:


And here is another angle:

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KEA hit the ball perfectly, and with enough spin that it absolutely baffled Tim Howard, one of the best keepers in the Premier league.

I've got nothing really to add. El Ahmadi looks - in the first two matches - to have been a superb signing. We already knew he could control play in the midfield well, and now we know that he's got a lethal strike or two in him as well. Things haven't been great in the first two weeks, but this should cheer us all up quite nicely.