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Aston Villa Among Clubs Chasing Wolves’ Forward Doyle

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Rumors are flying across the world wide web this afternoon that Paul Lambert is trying to convince recently relegated and local rivals Wolverhampton Wanderers to sell them center forward Kevin Doyle. The Daily Mail, among other sources, are running with the news that both Villa and Everton would love to add the Ireland international to their squads before this Friday's transfer window slams shut.

From everything we've seen from Aston Villa in two matches the team needs players and players are coming. Kevin Doyle isn't a name that's going to blow anyone's doors off but no one can argue he wouldn't be an improvement on the current state of affairs. Wolves are currently trying to stem the tide as their better players seek to get back into the top flight. They've already made a combined 25 million pounds on Steven Fletcher and Matt Jarvis. Seeing those prices makes me cringe in anticipation of the asking price for Mr. Doyle.

We've talked all summer long about the kinds of players we'd like to see Aston Villa bring in and overpaying for players with Premier League experience wasn't necessarily at the top of the list. One has to wonder if Lambert and Villa are getting a little desperate to bulk up before the window closes. It's not hard to imagine that Lambert is frustrated with the way the market has gone dry for Villa over the past few weeks. Here's hoping if it comes to Kevin Doyle that the asking price is fair.