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Dear Alex McLeish: Shut Up

This is supposed to be gross. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
This is supposed to be gross. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Alex McLeish is back in the news, whining about how unfair Villa fans were to him from day one. And in a sense, he's right; many Aston Villa fans were skeptical of McLeish from day one. But you know what? His narrative about being doomed from day one because of his Birmingham City connections are utter, utter crap.

Were there fans that were unwilling to give McLeish a chance because of his past with the Blues? Of course. And they were idiots, and roundly mocked by the vast majority of the Villa faithful. Many of us did our best to give McLeish the benefit of the doubt. And in return, you put a Villa side on the pitch that played some of the worst football anyone has ever seen, and you bitched and moaned the whole way through the season about how unfair everyone was being to you.

(NSFW language after the jump.)

Well you know what, Alex McLeish? You made more money in the space of one year (not including your payout for getting shitcanned!) than the majority of us will make in a lifetime. You whined and complained and continued to play Emile Heskey at left midfield and just made everything miserable for eight months. You made watching Villa games a chore. You ruined my weekend ritual, and thank the good Christ I didn't shell out hundreds of dollars for season tickets. You were somehow worse than the worst imaginable outcome conjured up by psychotic and conspiracy-minded Villa fans.

In short: fuck you, Alex McLeish. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Keep blaming the fans, the players, whatever you'd like. God forbid you take a look in the mirror at that hideous visage, because you might point that freckled digit squarely back at yourself in a rare moment of clarity.

Go to hell, you pock-marked, passion-sapping succubus of a son of a bitch. I used to think you were just a lousy manager that was in over his head, but your behavior over the past year or so has revealed your true character. You're a just horrible man. You should go back to Rangers; their current league standing is likely well suited to your level of ability.