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Poll - How Do You Feel About Aston Villa and Paul Lambert?

After the West Ham match, I found myself frustrated with the fans who were already talking as if the end were near. It was only one match, for heaven's sake! But it got me wondering: what do Villa fans actually think of the way the team is currently being run? Are we confident in the direction that the team has taken over the summer? Did the transfer window give us what we wanted?

In an effort to start answering that question, we will be running weekly fan confidence polls. Every week I will ask the same question in a quantatative form: "How confident are you that Aston Villa is being run in a manner that will lead to success?" You will have choices from 1 to 5 with 1 being the least confident and 5 being the most.

Additionally, every week I will pose a qualitative question. Usually it will require some type of (likely irrational and silly) snap judgement on something that has happened in the past week. That will be left for you to answer in the comments. I might try and do something with the data every now and again, so be sure to cast your vote and leave your comment below!

This Week's Question for the Comments: How happy were you with Paul Lambert's decisions in the first meaningful match he managed with Aston Villa last weekend?