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Support Stan: Stiliyan Petrov In Remission

Thanks Martin Petrov and the rest of Bolton!
Thanks Martin Petrov and the rest of Bolton!

Aston Villa has announced that Stiliyan Petrov, diagnosed with acute leukemia earlier this year, is now in remission. Obviously this does not mean that our beloved captain is out of the woods, that his fight is over. But it is a step forward in recovery and one that we should celebrate.

Just yesterday, while watching the friendly against Peterborough, Robert commented via our Twitter account about how much he loves that the fans still do the 19th minute salute to Stan. Now, those of us who write for 7500 are far, far away and we can't be there to stand up and show our support. But those of you who read this from Birmingham, or nearabouts, and are able to visit Villa Park -- please, give an extra clap for us. That 19th minute makes me truly proud to be a Villa fan, and I'd love it if we keep showing just how much we care.